Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an essential tool for every business in our times. A strong online presence is fundamental for the successful promotion and growth of any enterprise, as consumers seek information, products, and services online. Digital marketing enables businesses to effectively communicate with their audience through various channels such as social media, email, Google Ads, and others.

Additionally, a digital marketing company offers the ability to measure and analyze results, allowing businesses to adapt their strategies based on data and audience needs. With the increasing use of the internet and social media, digital marketing is a crucial tool for achieving successful outcomes and maintaining a competitive advantage in the market.

What are digital marketing services

What differentiates digital marketing from traditional marketing is that all of these advertising channels are interconnected, online, with the final recipient of the message.
Due to this constant interconnection and communication the user receives a daily storm of advertising information. So internet marketing must find:

• the right audience to promote a product
• to identify which electronic medium will lead him to this audience
• find the right message and words to get the audience interested
• turn interest into a product market.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Immediate and rapid increase in sales, because it drastically reduces the time between customer information and the decision to buy.Allows both total and local customer targeting.It has lower costs than traditional marketing.It develops in many different contents and application channels, in order to reach the whole audience.Enables interaction with the public and increases their loyalty.It has measurable results. Leads to the optimization of all network media of the company.It has a great cumulative and increasing long-term effect on sales because:

  • Digital marketing creates lead generation flows to the business and this means achieving future sales.
  • Digital marketing services allow the re-approach of customers who did not buy the first time (remarketing)

Google ad words

This type of advertising is also called PPC marketing (Pay Per Click, PPC) or pay per click marketing.
It is one of the most popular forms of e-marketing and is widely used because it has the following advantages:
the company only pays if a visitor clicks and visits its website,
offers instant popularity and recognition,
has an immediate and fast appearance,
is ideal for promoting offers, seasonal products, new products and new companies.
The great difficulty in PPC marketing, but also the art, and here Webed helps catalytically, is for Google ad word advertising to target inaccurate keywords that bring sales!

Υπηρεσίες Digital Marketing & Ψηφιακό Μαρκετινγκ

Strategic planning of internet advertising

We follow standard internet advertising strategies applying the S.M.A.R.T. (smart = smart in English)

Is the purpose of online advertising specific?
Measurable: is the target in e commermce measurable?
Achievable: are the goals of digital marketing achievable?
Relevant: are the objectives relevant to the long-term plan?
Timely: when will the results be achieved?

There are specific steps that every ad on the internet must follow in order to be effective, that is, to bring the maximum possible increase in sales at the lowest cost:

  • General analysis of the current situation, competition and market.
  • Creation of the 3 components of digital marketing:
    representative person-message-means of promotion.
  • Advertising development- publishing – sharing
  • Optimization (oprimazation) of the site, eshop and all electronic media in which the company will be advertised.
  • Measurement of results – corrections – report.

Social media marketing

Since all consumers are connected to a social media and browse for half to six hours a day, social media advertising is one way.
It is worth clarifying that social media marketing is done through the special platforms offered by these media. However, each platform requires adaptation and adjustment to the specific promotion made by the customer with a specific target audience, and sending a specific advertising message, which is a rather difficult and complex process.

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook dominates and is the perfect medium for social media marketing with 2.9 billion active followers engaging in it from thirty minutes to three hours a day:

  • Advertising on Facebook is economical.
  • Facebook’s advertising platform provides complete and accurate targeting of the public, with very detailed data.
  • Aims to target a very specific audience.
  • Allows the publication of different messages with different content.
  • Helps in remarketing (re-approach) to those who interacted.
  • Strengthens the message by placing a call to action.
  • It greatly increases the traffic.
  • The ad appears on Instagram at the same time.

Online advertising on Tweeter, Advertising on LinkedIn,
digital advertising on Tik Tok and YouTube

We are able to suggest you and design ads on the above social media, depending on the audience you want to reach, given that processes are based on the platform offered by each medium, with the appropriate adjustments and targeting of the audience.

Email marketing

Many people think that email marketing is out of date, but they probably do not know that the ROI, its efficiency, can reach up to 120% four times more than other electronic advertising media.!

E-marketing is not expensive and is necessary

Creating a website or e-shop is not enough to bring you traffic, sales and profits. Promotions are needed, digital makreting is needed to achieve the desired result.The digital marketing services offered by Webed are efficient, attractive and economical.
We succeed in digital advertising because:

  • we have strong knowledge of communications network
  • we apply multi channel advetrisement
  • we are specialized and dedicated to your success

1. What are the 5 D's that define Digital marketing?

The 5 D’s that define the world of digital marketing are the ones that make up the message channels and create the data. Additionally, they help in interaction and engagement and ultimately lead to sales and profits.
The 5Ds consist of digital devices and digital platforms, which include all social media. Third is digital media. Digital data and digital technology complete the five.

2. What are the most popular ways to advertise on the internet and why is it so effective?

1. SEO marketing
2. pay per click marketing
3. content marketing
4. social media marketing
5. email marketing
6. mobile marketing
7.affiliate marketing
8. video marketing

Internet advertising is very effective and efficient because all media are connected and the customer receives the same message from everywhere, while digital advertising is also economical.

3. How important is digital copywriting in digital marketing?

The foundation of digital advertising is the text written by a digital marketing expert. This text will condense the message to a short length, include the keywords, contain any call to action and ultimately make the sale for the company.
Digital marketing advertising without digital copywriting is half the job.

4. What does reach, impression, and engagement mean in digital marketing?

Reach is the number of people who visit a site to see its content.
Impression is the number of times an ad was shown across all media.
Engagement is the number of people who interacted with our ad.

5. I advertise on social media. Do I also need seo and content marketing?

Each advertising activity and each medium has a specific targeting and brings a different result.
We believe that SEO advertising should be done because it brings you customers who are looking for the specific item and therefore more likely to buy while
has a long-term positive effect on the company’s sales.
Likewise content marketing not only brings immediate results but still supports sales and brings traffic even if you stop all advertising.

6. What is better, to do digital advertising on a single social medium or to do combinations?

Mixing different media is more effective because it allows you to reach different groups of consumers, but also to find out in which medium your advertising performs best.

7. What does CTR, CPC and ROI measure in Digital marketing?

Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is the ratio of clicks to number of impressions.
It is the most important performance indicator of a site or e-shop because it immediately shows how interesting and attractive our ad was so that the visitor clicked to visit our site. It is defined as a click (received by the ad) to the number of impressions of the ad , as an example, 5 clicks for 100 impressions = 5% is the CTR
Cost Per Click (CPC), cost per click.
It is defined as the cost of the advertisement to the clicks received,
i.e. 150 E (ad cost) for 42 clicks (received) = 3,571 E (cost per click).

ROI, return on investment, return on investment.
Sales after advertising minus sales before advertising by advertising costs and all times 100. For example, if last month you had sales of 1000 E, you ran an ad words advertisement that cost 200 E and your sales at the end of the month reached 2000 E , then the increase in your sales was 1000 E
since 2000E-1000E = 1000E.
So applying the definition we have (1000 by 200) times 100= 500% i.e. for every E I spend on advertising I get back as profit 5 E.

8. What is the conversion rate and how is it optimized?

Conversion rate is the number of people who visited our website and made a conversion (an action) in relation to the total number of people who visited the website. As an example, if 100 people visited a newsletter signup page and 4 people signed up, then 100: 4 = 4% is the conversion rate.
There are several techniques to increase the number of conversions and turn visits into actions and purchases. We can mention the impressive landing page design and the interesting content on the website with attractive titles. Proper text design, adding Call-to-action and increased shopping experience go a long way in increasing the conversion number.