Eshop Maintenance

Online store maintenance

Your online store’s operating platform is the vehicle that drives your business. To ensure uninterrupted and problem-free operation, increased traffic and sales, you must SYSTEMATICALLY AND CONTINUOUSLY maintain all the programs that make up your online store, i.e. with e-shop maintenance.

⦁ the e-shop construction platform,

⦁ the programs related to the presentation of the products (zoom, rotation, full-partial, views)

⦁ the special and any additional tools (programs) that have been integrated into the basic platform and serve special functions of the e-shop

We note that the renewal of the rest of your computer’s programs is also required, but especially that of your online store maintenance.

What does the customer gain by maintaining the e-shop?

Online store maintenance ensures you:
⦁ that you are constantly operating on the most modern and upgraded platform,
⦁ that you use all new improvements
⦁ that you are not lagging behind your competitors
⦁ that you ensure a maximum level of security
⦁ maintain and upgrade the impressive and attractive appearance of the online sales site which is the main factor and the main means of attracting the visitor
⦁ you ensure fresh, attractive content that inspires your customers, supports and promotes your sales

It is good to know that skipping loading of one version of your platform and/or additional programs may not allow you to load the next version later, so you should NOT skip any updates of the programs that are released when doing your e-shop maintenance.

Ασφάλεια Ιστοσελίδων & Ασφάλεια E-shop

Online store renewal works.

In addition to the renewal and maintenance work mentioned for the website, the following parts of the online store must be maintained with particular care and in the specific points we record.

1. Content renewal and maintenance

In this process we mention:

1.General content updates, such as
1.1 new collaborations with houses and suppliers,
development of new techniques, or acquisition of patents,
introduction of new technologies in production, operation,
new areas of activity,
new services,
new physical points of sale,
participation in programs,
new plans for expansion,
1.2 we check, correct and update the texts in the footer that refer to the commercial policy, the commitments, the services provided and generally what concerns the relations of the online store with customers and third parties.

2. Product renewal

2.1 General product range control,
New product placement
removal of deprecated
renewal of the entire range
range expansion

2.2 Improving product descriptions
improvement of provision of more complete instructions for use, installation of product service

2.3 Technical update at presentation level
adding better photos
addition of photos showing the product in its place of operation
product gallery creation
video creation

3. Blog update

removal of articles that are no longer applicable
removing articles targeting deprecated keywords we don’t use in seo
correction of articles either in titles or in visual material or by extension or shortening

All these improvements in product content

⦁ upgrade the image of your company,
⦁ they show you with a dynamic and creative face
⦁ present you dedicated to customer service and company progress and
⦁ they reward you with traffic, sales and loyal customers.

Συντήρηση Ιστοσελίδων & Συντήρηση E-shop


Security threats to a website are many and serious, such as:

1. Credit card fraud and credit card data theft.

As online store payments with credit cards are very widespread, if
if you happen to have your customers’ card data intercepted, it will be devastating to your company’s reputation and operations

2. Theft or breach of your or your customers’ personal passwords

3.Malware attack
Special software can be sent to and installed on your and your customers’ computers and intercept confidential information.

4. Sending spam
Bulk sending of such messages
⦁ slows down loading speed
⦁ reduces the overall performance of the website
⦁ and is a security threat

5.Access to Content, Transactions, Payments, Credit Card Numbers, Data Transmission, Personal Information, Personal Data Business Policies

In order to protect your eshop and have an increased level of security, it is mandatory to make several corrections and take special measures, some of which are:
a).Refresh all software and system check
b). Install decryption software on all devices you connect to the internet
c).Use of VPN
Virtual Private Network (VPN=Virtual Private Network) makes a secure connection to the internet, your information cannot be stolen.
d). Add SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security system.
e). Change security codes and add two-step security and password control.

1. Why is maintenance necessary in an eshop?

Maintenance in the eshop is highly mandatory because:
1.1. It needs to maintain an increased level of security, because it accepts card details and numbers, amounts and payments
1.2 The platforms on which eshops are built are very complex, because they have many functions and the creators upgrade them themselves, to remain competitive and popular. Necessarily, every user should upgrade the eshop using the new version, otherwise their programs will be deprecated very quickly.

1.3 You must ensure and ensure the high speed of operation by systematically upgrading the programs, otherwise you will have a high dropout rate, and a drop in the search results ranking.

2. How is eshop maintenance done in WooCommerce?

WooCommerce platform online store maintenance checklist.

We are backing up

Renewal of the WooCommerce operating platform,
I load Wprdpress core, with the latest version of PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor), load the new plugins, remove unused plugins, load the WooCommerce store theme.

Check for malware and viruses. If an online store is invaded by hackers, it will not be able to function and the confusion that will be created for customers is indescribable. So we do frequent virus checks, in addition to having a strong protection program installed.

Correction of broken links, their existence brings bad results in seo

Monitor computer uptime

We optimize the user experience (UX)

We check the server uptime to make sure that the program works satisfactorily.

Inventory control, we correct and update the records with the product inventory in accordance with reality

We manage order records, remove incomplete orders, canceled orders and generally anything that is not useful.
We manage spam comments and reviews, we remove them because they affect the loading speed
We remove any material that is not useful, because it affects the loading speed and prevents smooth operation.
We are checking the ordering system.
We check, by checking with a real order, all payment and order processes.
Content renewal, in products, descriptions, photos, blog texts, videos.

Hosting space adequacy check.
After all the upgrades are loaded and the necessary fixes are made, the adequacy of the hosting space should also be checked.
Hosting is very important because it greatly contributes to achieving high speed and fast internet connection.

3. Is it better to have an annual eshop maintenance contract or to call on a case-by-case basis?

Your main concern is that your online store is up and running.
Therefore, it is out of the question to make an annual maintenance contract, so that problems can be checked and found in time, the existence of which cannot be noticed without carrying out special checks with special programs.

4. What does web hosting mean?

Hosting web pages (HOSTING) is the activity of providing <space> to special computers (servers) for hosting, serving and maintaining files and data of computers that operate through an internet connection. What is also important in the hosting process is that through the hosting company it is provided to you and your internet connection.

5. What does a web hosting company offer?

Practically, the hosting company ensures the continuous and safe operation of your company, ensures you a continuous view and presence on the internet and offers you the triptych: stability – availability – operation.
Ensuring fast loading speed, continuous backup (Back up), and maintaining safe operation of the computer are the main benefits that a web hosting company provides.

6. How will I ensure the security of the eshop?

By installing a strong protection program, regularly maintaining and updating the computer but updating the protection program itself.