Web Development

Web Development

Web development involves the creation and maintenance of websites, encompassing various aspects such as web design, programming, and database management. It requires proficiency in languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as an understanding of frameworks and tools that enhance functionality and aesthetics in the digital space.

Web developers work to ensure that websites are user-friendly, responsive, and accessible across different devices and browsers. Their role also includes:

  • optimizing site performance
  • implementing security measures
  • staying updated with the latest technological trends to deliver dynamic and interactive web experiences.

Effective website development combines technical skills with creativity to build websites that meet the needs of users and businesses alike.

What does web development mean?

Web development involves the complete process of building, refining, and maintaining websites, encompassing a wide range of skills and tasks. Web developers ensure that websites are responsive, accessible, and perform well across different devices and browsers. They focus on optimizing performance metrics like loading speed and usability to deliver seamless online experiences.

Beyond technical implementation, a web development company offers strategic planning, content creation, and ongoing updates to align with changing user needs and business goals. In essence, web development is pivotal for a business website in shaping digital landscapes, enabling organizations and individuals to establish and evolve their online presence effectively.

Κατασκευή ιστοσελίδας & Δημιουργια ιστοσελιδας

Fundamental characteristics of a successful website.

Fundamental characteristics of a successful professional website encompass several crucial elements that compose a cohesive and effective online presence. A pleasant UX is paramount. The website should be:

1. easy to navigate,
2. provide immediate access to information
3. be compatible across various devices and platforms.

Seamless navigation is closely intertwined with good web design, as the first impression is crucial for a business’s professional image. While there may be numerous pages, users should easily find the information they need. Additionally, the quality of content is critical.

What you have to say must be engaging, informative, and compelling to your audience. Finally, website loading speed is paramount for user experience. A fast website reduces visitor bounce rates and enhances the likelihood of converting them into customers. These elements are essential for a successful website that enhances the business’s online presence and competitive position.

A. Core Web Vitals Indicators

They are unified indicators that express and measure
the overall user experience and are:
loading speed, Largest Contentful Paint (loading),
interactivity, First Input Delay (interactivity),
visual stability, Cumulative Layout Shift (visual stability).

B. E-A-T indicators

The texts and content of the site must be of high quality and meet the E-A-T quality criteria, i.e. broadcast:
E-A-T =Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness or
Expertise – Authority – Credibility.

C.Indicators UI, UX

The degree of UI / UX shows how easily the user uses the site and how much positive experience he gets from it, because
C.1 user interface (UI) user interface is the place where the user interacts with the computer, with the aim of using the machine effectively.

C.2 user experience (UX) is the overall experience, satisfaction and pleasure that the user gets not only from his communication with the machine but also from the way of navigation and the shopping experience he obtained.

Ανάπτυξη Website & Αναπτυξη Ιστοσελίδας

Web development for information, education, entertainment

Web development for information, education, and/or entertainment purposes serves as a vital platform for reaching diverse audiences and fulfilling various purposes. Websites designed for information dissemination aim to provide accurate and accessible content on topics ranging from news and events to specialized knowledge.

Educational websites cater to learners of all ages, offering courses, tutorials, and resources to support formal and informal learning. Meanwhile, websites dedicated to entertainment entertain and engage users through:

  • multimedia content
  • games
  • interactive features

Fostering enjoyment and relaxation. Each type of website plays a crucial role in enriching online experiences, enhancing knowledge sharing, and fostering digital engagement across global communities.

D.Easy browsing

The user wants to find the information he is interested in immediately, otherwise he leaves.
The right design of the menu helps a lot, placed either at the top, or vertically, or in the footer, or in hamburger form.

E. Correct presentation of valid content

This is achieved by:
suitable font,
using a blog to present and organize the content,
using a gallery to present and organize images,
uniform design throughout the site,
use of interaction points,
good display of texts.

F. Impressive experience and appearance

Some elements that create it are:
large initial images,
quality photos of the products,
background video,
use infographics,
use sliders,
Use of a dark background (dark mode) because this contrasts with the other colors, impresses and causes interaction.

Ζ. Mobile responsive

Which websites Webed develops.

We program websites with original and reliable content, written by expert content writers exclusively for your business.

Development of websites for commercial purposes.

1. Website for small companies.
Small companies own a large part of the commercial activity. We create successful, flexible and attractive websites for small companies that promote their activities and stabilize their position in the market.

2. Corporate websites
We build corporate websites of very large size and capacity on behalf of large companies, with many employees, diverse activities and an impressive presence in the financial world.

3. E-Shop
Integrated platforms for online sales, and creation of online stores that bring in receipts and generate profits. The most popular activity in web development.

4. Landing Page or Single Page Website
A page that is built to direct the customer to when they click on an ad or to promote a specific product. Very common practice because it generates traffic.

5. Deal site
They are sites that collect offers and present them to the public by categorization. They include all the elements of an online store, the ability to buy, pay, and choose shipping.
6. Deal aggregators
They are sites that present the offers of deal sites.

7. Catalog Or Brochure Website
A catalog or brochure created for a company to summarize its activities.

8. Business Directory
Commercial directories where companies are registered according to activity and headquarters.

9. Review Site
Reviews are published on all kinds of topics, and on products.

10. Coupon Website
All discount and promotional coupons from various companies are displayed.

11. Affiliate Website
They are websites that display third party products and are paid a commission.

12. Auction Sites
Online sites for auctions and competitions.

13. Advertisement Sites
Possibilities of placing all kinds of ads.

Creation of websites for information, education, entertainment.

14. Resume websites,
They present a person’s personality and work,
are used by businessmen.

15. Portfolio Website
Presents samples of one’s work, creates it when looking for work.

16. Entertainment sites, e.g. (online gambling).

17. News and information websites.

18. Educational sites
They are created by educational institutions for online education and student facilitation.

19. Web Portal
These are websites that require registration to access.

20. Communication forums, Community Forums
People with similar interests communicate and comment.

21. Blog
Websites for creating and publishing content and texts for various purposes.

22.Crowdfunding Website

23.Wiki Website, content creation with the contribution of users.

24. Video Streaming Website

25. Photo Sharing Website
Photo sharing sites

26. Questions – answers

1. Will I choose from ready-made templates for the front page or will you create it for me from scratch?

1. Will I choose from ready-made templates for the front page or will you create it for me from scratch?
What is of primary interest is which standards serve your own information presentation needs. If you want more text or images or shared, if you need space to present new products or even if you will have prompt suggestions on the front page.
In the process of shaping the front page, other factors are also considered, such as which appearance standards express the philosophy of the space you belong to and which audience you are addressing.
After determining the above factors together, we recommend that you first look at the ready-made templates to form an opinion on what suits you, and then we can proceed as you prefer.

2. Why do you use the Wodrpress platform for website development?

We use the Wodrpress platform for website development and we highly recommend it, because it is the only one that offers many unique advantages. WordPress has been loved, chosen and used for 30% of websites worldwide. It provides an increased level of security while its SEO performance is excellent. Thanks to its completeness, we mention that it offers easy use, without the need for special knowledge, and it also has many template options.

3. How many pages will my website have?

The number of pages is determined by the type of your activity, how many product categories you will refer to.
Generally a serious and well-designed website should include the pages, Home, About Us, Categories, News, Customer Reviews, Contact Page, Blog. Before deciding on the number of your pages, we will also consider the type of business you belong to and the size of the sites that your competitors have. The size and content must be proportional and correct, so that you offer a good navigation experience to your visitors, they have reasons to stay on the website, there must be text and material with the corresponding words – keys so that Google can easily read and categorize you.

4. I don't have photographic material for the website, what can be done?

No problem, we work with many image libraries and can present you with photographic material relevant to your needs and use with your approval.

5. It will be my new website, mobile responsive and mobile friendly?

It will be neither, it will simply be designed mobile first, meaning the first design priority is excellent responsiveness on the mobile device, and then the other devices follow.

6. Do you work with remote clients?

Of course, and we assure you that the cooperation is fruitful, easy and productive since there are many ways of comfortable communication.

7. Can you design the logo of my company?

Yes, we have a graphic department and we can help you get a creative, attractive and of course unique logo, which will define your activities and be a point of reference for your company.

Why choose Webed for site development?

We can also develop your own site and apply the latest scientific and pragmatic methods for you to enjoy:

creating high ranking pages in Google
complete website with security certificates
web design with easy navigation, accessible and easy search
increased traffic,
recognizability, validity and confirmation
increased financial benefits.

At Webed, the construction of websites with modern software and the application of the most modern tools for navigation, interaction and influence, is a deep love and purpose of life.!