How to give life to your business through Instagram ?

How to give life to your business through Instagram ?

How to give life to your business through Instagram ?

Instagram is equal to the most popular social media nowadays. It currently has over 1.2 billion users worldwide as well as 95 million photos and videos and approximately 4.2 billion posts per year.

It is the medium most chosen by the younger audience aged 18-40, but also by the older audience aged 40-65+, where they in turn look for other topics and contents such as clothing, entertainment, etc. Also, it is very important at this point to emphasize that the activity of younger users on Instagram is 58 times greater than that of Facebook.

How we use Instagram favorably to our business.

A social networking platform like Instagram gives us many opportunities both on a personal level and on a business level, the possibility to become known for our work and also for our content through posts or stories where these are also divided into two categories, promoted posts and not.

Steps to glory and conquering social media!

So let’s take them in order, thus creating a very good professional profile with interesting content for the users. The end goal is to show our business in the online world as well as the financial rewards that the financial rewards will bring us.

1. Create your Instagram Account

It is very simple and easy to create an Instagram Account. All you have to do is download the application, add your details such as user name, email, password and that’s it.

Once you have installed Instagram on your mobile phone or tablet or computer and finished with your application on the platform, it is time to make your profile professional. By going to the settings you will find an option Switch to Business Account. You choose it and enter your business information on the platform, such as the business name, address, contact numbers and more.

2. The Posts you should make on your profile

Once you have finished with your information, profile picture and bio , the post is in order . Before we start creating our own content . We have to take into account that we have different post formats. Each post has its own size. For example, an Instagram Post has a different size and an Instagram Story has another size.

So knowing about the sizes and setting the posts correctly helps us stay longer on our content. The dwell time is very important!

Define the goals you have for your business

It is very important that you have created some strategy for social media in order to do a very strong digital marketing as well as to start selling your product or service.

Let’s start with a very simple goal which is to increase our flowers . Doing this requires a lot of consistency in your posts and specifically having the same or similar style in your photos and videos. You also need your posts to be consistent over time which takes time and dedication. Must be very familiar with hastags as well as how they are used.

So, knowing the above, we go to the next stage since, in all probability, our profile may be stuck. This step is called advertising. When our business profile reaches a very good point it needs the advertising piece to go up even more and be recognized by many users.

Influencers and ways of advertising the business

As we said above, advertising is very important, but what will make our campaign special? An imaginative advertisement. This is done in many ways. A very important one is through an Influencer presenting your product or service in an original way in the form of a photo or video. Another way is through ads in post or story format , which we will talk about below.

How effectively helps in the digital marketing of a business is an advertising company that has been active for over 10 years in web development, design and digital marketing and having many partnerships in the field is here to give you the solution. As we said above, another way of advertising is through posts and stories. In this part we can help you as well as keep you constantly informed about the course of your business on social media. Leave your online image to us and see your business take off instantly!