What do I gain with the eshop

Continuous flow of sales and receipts, because the eshop sells 365 days a year, 24 hours a day!

Expanding the customer base because,

  • E-shop sells to new customers who did not know you
  • An online store gives you unlimited points of sale

Financial operation of the business, because the operation of an online store has a limited cost:

  • no space with expensive rent required
  • has low utility bill costs
  • there are no costs for landscaping and permanent renewal of exhibition spaces

Zero uncertainty in collection

The advertising cost for the promotion of the e-shop is low, manageable and in relation to the income.

Woocommerce, Best Platform for Building an Online Store

Choosing Woocommerce for building your online store is advantageous for many reasons. Whether it’s a small startup or a large corporate e-shop, Woocommerce can be tailored to meet your needs. Some additional significant benefits include:

1. Flexibility: You can create an e-shop that meets your needs, regardless of the size or type of your business.

2. Free: Woocommerce is a free plugin for the WordPress platform, so there is no cost for acquiring the software.

3. User-friendly: Although it offers many features, Woocommerce remains user-friendly, with easy installation and use, even for beginners.

4. Large community: Due to its popularity, Woocommerce has a large community of users and developers. This means there are many resources, plugins, and themes available for you to customize your e-shop.

5. Plugins: By using plugins, you can add additional features and capabilities to your Woocommerce e-shop, such as custom cash registers, inventory management, shipping integration, and many other enhancements that upgrade and evolve your e-shop.

WooCommerce platform for online store advantages

Ease of daily use and management.
Fast product upload
Infinite ready-made templates for countless options.
It rises high in the ranking positions because its structure is easily recognized by search engines.
It is ideal in seo using Seo Yoast
It has a very good space for blog and content creation

The eshop that sells has the following features, and these are included in

construction cost of eshop that we suggest.

1. Quality features of eshop construction

• Guaranteed loading speed
• access from all devices
• mega menu
• home page slider editor
• scalability
• possibility of interfaces

2. Security & Reliability

• control and Optimization of the web site according to modern security standards. Continuous inspection and upgrades
• support for GDPR policies at the web site and construction level
• data encryption according to current and future policies (best practices)
• hosting in reliable datacenters with high SLA uninterrupted service, security and Backup
• encryption with ssl

3. Attractive e-shop appearance

• selected central photo theme
• slider placement
• modern color combination
• placing offers in a visible place with call to action
• obvious presentation of contact details
• Easy layout of menus and services
• sitemap placement
• Google map placement
• placing a contact form and a newsletter subscription form

4. Easy operation and management of an online store

• unlimited categories
• unlimited capacity
• detailed presentation of each product with 6 pages of data
• back office system for order management
• send an email to confirm an order to the customer
• easy management and quick updates

5. Details for promoting products in eshop

• lounge for presentation of certain products in the original
• related products
• add-on to view offers on the home page

6. Search components for eshop sales

• search filters
• easy navigation

7. Easy shopping cart completion

• order without documents
• shopping basket
• user registration process
• calculation of postal expenses based on T.K.

8. Construction of eshop Athens with all payment methods

• pay pall, bank deposit, cash on delivery, credit

9. Connection with a bank

Connecting with a bank is crucial when operating an online store, as it allows you to accept payments via credit cards, bank transfers, and other direct payment methods into your bank account. The easy and secure bank integration protects both you and your customers, facilitating the purchasing process.

10. E-shop promotion elements

• create an email form
• link to webmaster tools to view organic search position
• name registration
• eshop listing in Google analytics
• Google my business listing with complete presentation
• discount coupons and product collection
• order and sales statistics
• newsletter registration form
• Contact Form

Extras in the e shop free of charge

Γρήγορη κατασκευή e-shop & Δημιουργία e-shop

• filters for easy search
• built-in tools for social media promotion
• import and management of products with excell
• add-on for sending products to marketplace via XML
• add-on for completing one page checkout without registration
• specialized shipping methods based on the customer’s postal code, so that the shipping costs are calculated correctly.
• introduction of 30 products for control
• insert pages in the footer
• creating rules and ways of sending.
• construction of company pages on social media
• hosting and updating for one year on a shared hosting Server

Additional services in the online store for a fee

• Automatic warehouse update and ERP connection
• Connection with transport and automatic version of shipping voucher
• Connection with Skroutz, Best price
• SEO optimization
• Full support
• Consultant agency
• Connection with transport
• Call button for price
• B2B for wholesale
• Google e-commerce analytics setup
• Facebook pixel integration
• interface with mail chimp

Basic stages of e-shop construction

1. Discussion with the customer, information about the needs, categorization of products / services

2. Creation of information presentation framework, definition of basic categories of categories, interconnection decisions about where to navigate and find information

3. Template selection, appearance and presentation decisions, brands

4. Presentation of the draft version with all graphics and categories and approval

5. E-shop development and customization

6. Final tradition

Σχεδιασμός e-shop & Ανάπτυξη ηλεκτρονικού καταστήματος

How much does the e-shop cost?

One and only cost can not be set for the construction of an e-shop because the factors that determine its cost are many and different. The construction of an eshop may require several additional tasks such as:

1. domain registration and domain selection
2. hosting option
3. decision for the marketing of the eshop

But what we can assure you is that by choosing Webed you get a cheap eshop, a quality online store that will receive many visitors, will make an impressive volume of sales and of course will bring profits.

The creation of e-shop that we carry out is characterized by quality and consistency, come and discuss the best and most profitable eshop or ask for a quote.

1. How will my eshop become profitable?

In order to make your eshop profitable, several factors must be studied and the right decisions made. Targeting the buying public and shaping the product range is of key importance. Finding the right suppliers is very important. Pricing policy and shipping charges also play an important role in the profitability of an online store.

2. My products have numbers and colors, will I register each one separately in the online store?

No, the products will not be registered in this way.
Within the online store platform there are tools called features.
An attribute named will be created
SIZE and will have the numbers.
A second attribute will be created called COLOR and will have the colors .
When the product is registered, through an internal connection, each product is matched with all its characteristics and a registration is made that covers all colors and all sizes of the product.

3. Will the products be listed one by one or is there a faster way?

There is a quick way to register if the supplier delivers the material to you in electronic form, then we do the registration.

4. Do I have to accept all payment methods?

No, you can accept those you think serve you best.

5. Do I have to accept all shipping methods?

No, design space will be provided on the checkout form
order, where the delivery options will be listed and mentioned there.
It will also be stated at the bottom of the terms of sale.

6. Should I mention that I don't have a physical store?

Yes, it will be clarified clearly so that customers are not inconvenienced. It will also be clearly stated in the contact information.