Web Design

Web Design

Web design is the process of designing and developing websites, encompassing aesthetics, functionality, and usability. The goal of web design is to create a pleasant user experience by combining attractive visuals with ease of navigation. This includes various elements such as:

  • color selection
  • typography
  • image choice and layout
  • optimization for various devices and screens, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

A web design company must also consider page loading speed, compatibility with different browsers, and maintaining a stable and polished structure. The process may involve using various tools and technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other development frameworks, often requiring collaboration between programmers and graphic designers to achieve the best possible results.

Because web design is very important in the success of a website.

1.Web design is very important for the success of a website because not only does it have to convey information to the public in a correct, attractive and interesting way,

but this information must be converted into a commercial transaction (product market) which determines the website revenue and therefore its profitability and survival.

In addition, successful web design leads to an increase in subscriptions to download advertising newsletters, resulting in a future increase in sales.

3. It also leads to an increase in receiving interest emails from visitors to the company, again resulting in a future increase in sales

4. Last but not least, Google includes the experience that the end user (user experience UX) gains from the design and use of the website, in the site ranking criteria in the organic search and ranking results.

Σχεδιασμος Ιστοσελίδας & Δημιουργία Ιστοσελίδας

What does successful website design offer?

The positive effect that the professional design of a website has on the success of a company is crucial. An effective website design pays off

a) Intense visual impression

Our main goal is for the website visitor to be impressed and to browse through it. Whether he will do it or leave immediately depends on the first impression he gets, on the attractive presentation and functional organization of the information made by the graphic designer.

It is very important that the site is not boring, nor aggressive, with the correct use of colors, with the necessary empty space, in order to give additional prestige to the company, and to further increase the value of both the products and the brand.

b) Increasing the possibility of learning and information.

The purpose of the web design is to enhance the message. When the transmission of the message is organized in a simple and coherent way, which defines and permeates the entire website, the customer easily learns and understands and distinguishes what is the goal and the message of the company.

c) Strengthening recognizability

The design coherence between the company, the purpose and the appearance of the website gives prestige and creates trust from the public to the brand.

The public immediately understands what the company does, how it operates, what values it follows and what policy it implements.

d) Enhanced user experience (user experience UX)

The design that serves the transmission of memory and easy navigation of the user, contributes to the comfortable navigation of the customer, increases his satisfaction, creates feelings of intimacy and positive judgment for the company and increases his commitment to it.

e) Easier audience targeting.

Website design with the right means of expression and tools and with the help of colors and form, can target the audience that the company wants to sell, to approach it, to move it, to motivate it and finally to mobilize it towards benefit of.

f) Higher levels of interaction and reaction.

The visitor is happy with what he enjoys and moves faster, or buys something, or comments or retransmits, and yet he does not leave indifferent and unsatisfied.

h) Large conversion rates

The pleasant mood created by the user from the browsing, the satisfaction from what he saw and discovered, is reasonable to be converted (conversion) into a purchase by the visitor, which is the final request.

Effective website design

For an attractive, beautiful and effective website, first and foremost, we design a website with enhanced user experience (UX) and use it for this purpose.
• points of interaction,
• call to action
• intrusive interstitials
• proper content organization
• easy navigation
• increased access to content
• and a coherent way of presenting the information throughout the website

Additional web design elements

1. We use the colors with the right mix and proportion.

We apply color combinations that suit the audience we are addressing, that create positive emotions, that make him feel familiar and close to the brand, that push it into buying energy.

2. We organize the presentation of all the material in a simple and easy to use way without complications.

3. We add a few search options.

4. Use bright colors only at prompt points.

I adopt the appropriate font that aesthetically matches the design and the general style and the audience we are addressing.

We organize the presentation of information in the shape of an inverted pyramid, the important information at the beginning and down to the least important.

On each page we include the necessary data and place in a visible place all the contact details.
We use very good quality professional photos.

What is the difference between graphic design and web design.

The web designer shapes and includes in a website all the elements of a company presence, the logo, the colors, the marks, the texts, the big initial images, the images of the products and all the other design elements that serve the purpose of the company, ie the presentation of activities or sale of goods or information and:

• convey a clear message
• suggest products, solutions and ideas to visitors
• strengthen and strengthen the power of the brand name
• motivate the visitor to interact,
• and ultimately turn the receipt of information into a buying transaction.
The wed design is constantly changing and adapting to fashion and technology.
On the other hand, the traditional graphic design is more static, it never changes after it is made and mainly it has no elements of interaction and interaction with the public.

We at Webed successfully use web design, wed design, to drive visitors to your site and turn them into buyers and loyal customers.

Web Design

1. What does the graphic designer help with when creating the website?

The talented and inspiring web designer helps you not to miss the first and only opportunity to attract the customer!
90% of visitors immediately leave a website if they are not satisfied with its appearance.
So, the inspired graphic designer of a website synthesizes the color schemes and the functional presentation of the information into a complete and impressive presentation.

2. How does the logo design process for my business begin?

It always starts with a conversation with the client, and we seek to learn about their field of activity, their target audience, and whether they prefer certain colors or shapes or images. The information is also very useful if he himself has thought about what can represent his brand.

3. How does the logo design process proceed?

We present 3-5 different ideas in a draft and
and either an immediate selection is made and refinement follows, or a selection is made but additional interventions are needed so we redesign and come back until final approval.

4. Why do I need a web designer since there are ready-made brands?

The skilled and talented web designers who
employed by us can and do transform the message to the customer into an image and transmit it to the public in an easy and comprehensible place, which evokes desired emotions and brings them closer to the business.
Such a commercial logo cannot be chosen <from the pile> but will be a unique and original composition that will express your own corporate philosophy and vision.!

5. Will my trademark come from ready-made clipart with some customization?

No, it will be completely original in inspiration, conception and design.

6. How is the logo delivered to me?

For vector files it will be in .AI, .EPS, .PDF and .JPG f. For raster files, it will be in .JPG, .PNG and PDF

7. Will I be able to use the logo in any way?

Yes, you will be able to use it either in paper or electronic form.

8. Who owns the logo you will design?

The customer has absolute ownership and unrestricted use of the final delivered commercial Logo.

9. Will I be able to edit or change the badge myself later?

To do this task you must have specialized graphics programs such as Quark, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Dreamweaver and Flash.

10. How do you address optimization for mobile devices and website loading speed in web design?

Our web design company ensures that the website performs seamlessly on mobile devices and loads quickly, as these are critical factors for user experience and search engine ranking.

11. What are the possibilities for customization and expansion of the website in the future?

At our company, the ability to customize and expand the website is fundamental. During the web design glyfada and development process, we consider our clients’ future needs and utilize advanced tools to meet them.

We work closely with them to understand their desires and create a website that can evolve and adapt to their future plans. This ensures that their website remains effective and successful in the future, providing a stable foundation for their online presence.