Building a user-friendly website in 2023

Building a user-friendly website in 2023

Building a user-friendly website in 2023

Building a website is essential for every business in 2023. It contains all the useful information of your business, a distinct slogan, your logo and interesting content. But if it’s not user-friendly, it won’t attract the audience you want. But what does “user friendly” mean?

The term refers to the ease with which a visitor can navigate your website. If a website has a page  with slow load time for example, your users won’t want to spend time on it and probably won’t come back.

1. Fast loading time

“Users expect a website to load in less than three seconds – and may leave a website that takes longer to load,” says web expert Ashley Poland.

One of the main factors affecting the performance of your website is the loading time, i.e. the amount of time required for the visitor to see the information they want. Response time is drastically affected by server location and it’s worth investing in a reliable one.

2. Easy navigation

Web design plays the most important role in ease of navigation. We’ve all visited websites that look great but are difficult to use because the images change quickly, the elements we’re looking for are out of sight, or the colors are too bright.

Your business website should be as simple and easy to use as possible. Basic things like the search bar in the header of the web page, placing the company logo in the upper left part and using images that attract interest without distracting the user’s attention are key to its efficiency.

Also, there should be logically organized subject sections, making it easy for users to quickly find exactly what they are looking for. Although seemingly simple, these are the elements that ensure a clear and well-organized website, improving the overall feel of its functionality.

3. Responsive Design

An equally important factor in building a website in 2023 is optimizing it for mobile devices. More and more internet users are using mobiles or tablets in their search so you need to be sure that your website is user friendly.

Responsive Design allows a web page to adapt to different screen sizes so that it appears without any problems in any browser.

4. Contact information in a prominent location

Despite the emphasis we put on the technical features and design websites, we must not forget to be practical when building a website. The primary goal is for users to find your contact information easily, otherwise you may have very negative consequences for the overall user experience.

We recommend that you include a physical address, an email address, and a phone number on your website. A good and visible position is the footer of each page of your website and also in a banner that will appear during the navigation of the user.

In addition, contact forms are a quick and easy way for users to contact you, while also giving you the ability to respond immediately to any questions they may have. If you make communication with your company difficult for users, there is a high chance that you will lose them and they will not return to your website.

5. Concise and clear content

When building a website, you must aim for simple, interesting and, above all, clear texts. Too long and complicated texts reduce the interest of your visitors, causing them to abandon reading and feel frustrated that you did not provide the information they were looking for on your website.

Additionally, it is vital to highlight keywords and links in order to direct visitors to the most important information quickly and easily. Make sure your website texts are clear but also provide high quality content. That way, you will be able to attract and maintain the interest of users, leaving them with a positive experience from their visit to your website.

6. Embed social media buttons

Add social media buttons (share, like, follow) that allow visitors to easily share your content on their favorite social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

This, improves their experience, helps increase traffic to your accounts and grow your audience. That way, you offer visitors the possibility to switch to other platforms through your website, creating new channels of promotion for your services and products, while adding validity to your brand.

Why you should choose Webed to build your website in 2023

There are many reasons to build a website for your business in 2023 and the most important one is that the times demand it. With so much potential to grow through it, it’s a shame to miss out on opportunities and potential clients.

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