Common mistakes when building a website in 2023

Common mistakes when building a website in 2023

Common mistakes when building a website in 2023

Building a website is a necessary process for businesses that wish to have a strong online presence. It’s the storefront that reflects your business and helps your visitors become customers.

However, building a website hides some pitfalls that can easily lead to mistakes, despite your knowledge of the business and its needs. So let’s look at the most common mistakes that happen when building a website in 2023 and how you can avoid them:

1. Lack of CTA buttons

A common mistake encountered when building a website, especially in smaller businesses, is the lack of call-to-action buttons (CTA buttons). CTA buttons are buttons that prompt users to take a specific action by providing simple and clear instructions.

Examples of CTAs are “Shop now”, “Register” and “Make an appointment”. Choose the phrases that best suit the needs and wants of your visitors and your business.

2. Slow loading time and bad SEO

Optimizing the loading speed of your website is essential as it affects the user experience as well as the ease of use of your website. In addition, slow loading affects the ranking of your company website in search engines.

The faster a website loads, the better “score” it gets from Google and the higher it is in the search engines. You can test your website speed for free and make improvements if needed. SEO also contributes to this as it affects you from building your website, to maintaining it at the top of the search engines.

3. There is responsive web design

According to a survey conducted by the Greek Statistical Authority, 83.4% of Greeks use mobile devices to browse the internet. This means that if your website does not have a responsive design, then you will disappoint a large number of your visitors.

Also, you should know that the responsive design of your website is necessary not only for the user experience, but also to improve your ranking in Google searches. But what exactly is responsive website design?

In essence, it’s a way of building your website that makes it flexible and functional on both computers and mobile devices. By choosing to build a “mobile-friendly” website, you improve the user experience and their ability to learn about your products or services, since they can do so from the comfort of their mobile phones or tablets. In addition, your sensitivity to the needs of users will help you attract even more visitors, offering them a pleasant and smooth browsing of your website.

4. Lacking business identiny in your web design

What is often overlooked when building a website is the content. The construction of a website is not only about its technical side, but also about the content it provides.

Your website visitor should be able to understand what your business is about and why they should prefer you. It is also important not to focus solely on you and your products, but to also point out how visitors can benefit from you.

5. There is no visual hierarchy and SEO

When a user visits your website for the first time they need to understand at a glance what each button does. Navigation must be natural and never create the feeling of being lost.

The correct visual hierarchy of your website contributes significantly to this. For example, your navigation categories, logo, and contact information should be prominently displayed in central or “high” places on your website.

Another factor is SEO, which concerns both the visitor’s and Google’s understanding of the website. You need clear texts that guide the user, but also long texts that clarify to Google your identity, your audience and your services/products.

6. There is no website Favicon

A “favicon” is a small image that appears next to the name of your website in the browser tab that the visitor is using. It is an important element of your website/business identity.

When users open multiple tabs in their browser, they may forget which web page corresponds to each tab. This can lead to them closing your website without visiting it.

Why you should choose Webed to build your website in 2023

There are many reasons to build a website for your business in 2023 and the most important one is that the times demand it. With so much potential to grow through it, it’s a shame to miss out on opportunities and potential clients.

At Webed, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to offer you comprehensive web development proposals, tailored to your needs and desires to get your business exactly where you want it, by also avoiding the common mistakes most businesses do when building a website.

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