What is Digital Marketing and why is it so important?

What is Digital Marketing and why is it so important?

What is Digital Marketing and why is it so important?

Digital marketing allows you to reach a wider audience than more traditional marketing strategies, but also to target better your potential audience.

In addition, it is more financially and practically manageable, since you have full control over shaping and reshaping your budget based on measurable results and efficiency.

There are many types of digital marketing

With digital marketing, customers have the ability to interact directly or indirectly with your business several times a day, based on the criteria you have set in your ads.

Let’s analyze some types of digital marketing to see what suits your business:

1.     Google Ads, also known as “research ads”

These are ads with multiple levels of customization that match users’ search terms to your business, based on the specific keywords you’ve chosen in your headline, descriptions, subcategories, and even the links you’ve placed in your ad. So, it targets specific users with a real interest in what you offer.

In 2023, and as technology (specifically Google ads) evolves, your ads can have bigger and bigger reach. With the new automation features offered by Google, your ads can automatically adjust the content based on the text or images that had the most response, increasing the effectiveness of the ad, without you having to do anything.

2.     The famous SEO

With a good SEO, your business has a good ranking in Google and therefore users who search for the service or product you offer can find you first.

SEO therefore plays a very important role in increasing traffic to your website, since it improves your ranking in Google and facilitates the visitor’s search by showing them exactly what they are looking for. Website visibility is of outmost importance as it ensures your contact with your potential customers.

3.     Content marketing combined with SEO

Content marketing is essentially informing your audience through articles or blog posts about your service or product, in order to build a relationship of trust and regular contact with your potential customers.

If you are a reliable source of information on the subject of interest to the visitor, it is more likely that he will trust your services or products. SEO is directly linked to content marketing because as long as you inform visitors, you can also make use of keywords that contribute to your better ranking in search engines.

It is a simple, easy and effective method of increasing traffic and interaction on your website, since you do not necessarily need an additional budget for its implementation.

4.    And let’s not forget social media

Α lot can be said about the importance of social media in marketing and advertising in 2023, but we will stick to the basics.

More and more audiences have access to some social networking platform, so the possibilities offered to businesses to simultaneously display an ad on 2 or 3 platforms is something that should be exploited. The important thing is to target the audience correctly and carefully, since the possibilities of promotion are so wide.

Content should be engaging, informative yet innovative and to-the-point. Social media users are so familiar with advertisements and images of products/services that the goal is to stand out and find the audience that is interested in what you are showing.

5.    Τhe good old email marketing

For two decades now, email marketing remains a direct and fast way to stay in touch with your potential customers, with discounts, information or reminders. It is important to avoid high frequency between emails, as we do not want to spam and annoy the customer.

With other marketing methods constantly evolving, we must keep in mind that, although a more traditional medium, email marketing offers a valid audience of registered users who are directly interested in the services/products of each business. Make sure the content is concise, engaging and interesting!

6.     The somewhat forgotten mobile marketing

Although the frequency with which we look at our mobiles is high and we are always aware of messages and notifications, mobile marketing, (i.e. informing the public about discounts/promotions or reminders via SMS) has largely disappeared compared to when it started.

The reason is purely psychological but also practical, since in the end it caused more of a feeling of spam than it produced results. As a practice it is mainly used by large companies that have collected the data from their buyers but again the high frequency of messages is avoided.

In general, avoid this method and try it sporadically for great deals!

7.    Τhe multi-functioning marketing automation 

Digital marketing automation is software used to automate basic digital marketing functions.

It works very well in performing parallel and repetitive marketing actions, such as email automations (newsletters), collecting information from potential customers, scheduling posts, and even reminder messages to users who put a product in their cart but did not complete the purchase.

The possibilities are endless! It is an ever-evolving method that is worth testing.

Why you should choose Webed for the digital marketing of your company

In conclusion, there are many digital marketing methods to grow your business and the key is to know which ones and how to use them.

At Webed, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to offer you complete digital marketing proposals, tailored to your needs and desires to get your business exactly where you want it.

Our knowledge of SEO and web design enables us to offer you even more extensive solutions in terms of website, content, structure and advertising approach. Contact us today at 21 6070 2930 or find us at Artemidos 1, Glyfada to achieve your every business goal!