Why is building a website for your business a necessity in 2023

Why is building a website for your business a necessity in 2023

Why is building a website for your business a necessity in 2023

Wondering if your business really needs a website?

Building a website is a very important step for the development of your business and for the possibilities it offers now and in the future. So, let’s see in detail why every business benefits from building a website.

1. A website increases the credibility of your business

The modern-day consumer needs to see a website to trust a new business. According to research, 56% of costumers said they are not sure if they would prefer a company without an online presence.

A professional website highlights your professionalism, your dedication to the services and/or products you offer and gives you more prestige than businesses that only have a presence on Social Media. The corporate email included on your website also ensures validity in communicating with potential customers.

2. It attracts new customers

With a website you gain an online presence and customers who find you through it. That is an audience you could not target before. Through search engines, your website is targeted at those who are interested in what you offer.

Your company website is ‘open’ to the public all day, every day and advertises your business. After all, in this day and age, even after a personal recommendation, most consumers will search for your company on the internet before deciding to choose you.

3. It showcases your company’s products or services in detail

Every day, your potential customers can see in detail what you offer and hear from you just by searching your website.

With the right descriptions, titles and photos you have the ability to share all the necessary information about the product and/or service you offer and win them over easily and quickly. Just make sure your website is clear and doesn’t leave the customer with too many questions.

4. It enables you to be advertised by previous customers

On your company website you can include reviews from previous customers who have been satisfied from your products and/or services.

In this simple way, a new visitor is convinced both of the quality of your products and/or services, and of the validity of your business. Consumers today look for the comments that other users have left online and are significantly influenced by them in their final decision.

5. It facilitates communication

A business website makes it easy for potential customers to contact you. On your website, they can find your company’s phone, email and address quickly and easily. It is also important to include your correct opening/closing hours and update them if/ when needed.

If, on the other hand, you provide a service or product that is not widely known or raises some frequent (usual) questions, you can include on your website a “contact form” tab in which the customers can send you their question and you can answer them any way they want.

This makes it easier for a client to understand your business and you get in touch with potentials customers that your website attracted. Furthermore, if you connect your business to the Google Maps application, it will be even easier to find you on the map or to call you with a simple movement.

6. You can advertise online at any time

By building a website and displaying all your services and products there, Google recognizes your business, ranks your website in search engines and finds users who would be interested in visiting it.

So if you want to attract an even bigger audience in the future, you can unlock many possibilities with Google ads. You have many tools at your disposal to promote and strengthen your business and building a website is the first and most important step.

Why you should choose Webed to build your website

In conclusion, there are many reasons to build a website for your business and the most important one is that the times demand it. And with so much potential for growth through it, it’s a shame to lose opportunities and customers.

At Webed, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to offer you comprehensive website development proposals, tailored to your needs and desires to get your business exactly where you want it.

Our knowledge in SEO and web design enables us to offer you a wider range of solutions in terms of website, content, structure and attracting customers. Contact us today at 21 6070 2930 or find us at Artemidos 1, Glyfada to achieve your every business goal!