5 basic points when building your website

5 basic points when building your website

5 basic points when building your website

Building a website is the first step for any successful business that wants to be seen and prevail both on and off the internet. A website ensures new customers, 24-hour advertising of your business and possibilities of actual advertising through Google Ads.

But what are the key ingredients for a successful website that keeps the visitor and functions safely and without problems?

1. The website must be mobile-friendly (responsive)

The mobile phone is the dominant research medium for 8 out of 10 Greeks. In fact, 6% of global data traffic comes from mobile, as do Google searches.

One of Google’s main goals is the user experience when browsing various websites and search engines to find exactly what they are looking for. So, by having a website that responds well to mobiles and ensures a pleasant browsing experience for the visitor, Google “raises” your website on the search engine ranking.

2. The website must have a professional look

As with the previous point, here too, the image of your website is very important for a pleasant user experience.

Therefore, when we say “professional look” we mean neat, clear organization, high-definition photos (if there are any) and ease of use. There are website templates and websites that are built from scratch. Whatever you choose, make sure it meets both your desires and the requirements of a pleasant and easy-to-use website.

3. Choose a reliable company to host your website

Another important factor for Google and the efficiency of your website is the loading time when it opens (landing page) and between clicks. That’s why it is very important to host your website with a reliable company.

Beyond the loading time, however, hosting ensures greater security for your website, as it is the place where your data is stored. When choosing a company, you should consider experience and expertise in the field of websites.

4. Place the contact information in a prominent place

Part of a clear and easy-to-use website is making your contact information easy to find. A business that aims to gain sales or calls must facilitate the user in trying to book an appointment or ask something related to your services/products.

Contact information should be visible on every page, like your brand name and logo. Although this stage is connected to the building of your website and the company that will undertake its creation will already know it, it is an important detail and should be mentioned.

5. Connect your website to social media

Since your audience is online and we want to unlock all the possibilities it has to offer, it’s a good idea to connect your business’s social media to your website.

Since your audience is already online and we want to unlock all the possibilities the internet has to offer, it’s a good idea to connect your business’s social media to your website. That way you strengthen the validity of your business by proving a more complete presence on the internet.

Why you should choose Webed to build your website

There are many reasons to build a website for your business and the most important one is that our times demand it. With so much potential to grow through it, it’s a shame to miss out on opportunities and potential clients.

At Webed, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to offer you comprehensive website development proposals, tailored to your needs and desires to get your business exactly where you want it.

Our knowledge in SEO and web design enables us to offer you a wider range of solutions in terms of website, content, structure and customer attraction. Contact us today at 21 6070 2930 or find us at Artemidos 1, Glyfada to achieve your every business goal!