Creating a New eshop : What we need, to build the perfect online business|2022

Creating a New eshop : What we need, to build the perfect online business|2022

Creating a New eshop : What we need, to build the perfect online business|2022

Based on last year 2021, many businesses expressed their interest in creating online stores. This had the effect of helping all the buying public of the country, to be served and make their purchases directly via mobile phone or computer.

So, if you have a physical store, a company or a business and want to excel in the online shopping space and audience, we have the solution. has been in the field of web development, web design, digital marketing and advanced SEO for over 10 years . It is here to help you build the ultimate eshop your store.

Step by step construction of your eshop from

We will follow below, in detail and step by step, what we need to create the ultimate online store. Let’s start!

A. Location of business


It is very important that your business or company has a location, i.e. headquarters. It is a basic and necessary condition for opening a physical company or a physical store as this will help to implement the e-shop you want to create.

Caution! Of course, your headquarters must not be a residence or someone else’s residence, as the tax authorities must be able to check at any time and as you understand, this cannot be done in a residential area. The space must be 100% professional.

B. Suitability of professional activity


In order to start electronic sales through your online store, either retail or wholesale, the company must have started its operation and have appropriate business activity.

Your professional activity, which is connected to your online store, should be declared through some CADs, which CADs you will choose with the help of your accountant. These refer to the professional activity you have.

C. The suppliers of your products


In terms of supplies, there are two strands. One is to be the producers of the product yourself and the other part is to handle sourcing the products you sell.

They will stay a little longer in the supply side of the products. It is known that at this point you will need to look for people and partners of trust, with experience in the product as well as reliability of its raw material and durability.

D. The courier company

In eshops , the delivery of the products must be done immediately and quickly. The customer will leave us much better feedback with our immediate delivery. So we need cooperation with a courier company where it makes direct pickups – deliveries. This will count very positively to the people who visit our online store.

The cost for an eshop store with a courier company varies according to the size and weight of the product. However, if it is known that you will have a steady clientele or a certain number of orders per day, you can negotiate better prices with the courier company.

E. Partnerships You Will Need to Continue


You will definitely need an accountant and a lawyer. The accountant will inform you of the actions you must take as well as give you accounting and bureaucratic advice on how to proceed.

The lawyer will help you with the terms and conditions of your page as well as with the Privacy Policy.

Last Step: Web design, web development, digital marketing, Seo all at

The last and most important step is the creation of the eshop, the design, the marketing and the promotion that we will do as well as the seo (search engine optimization) to raise your online store to the 1st position. operates with great success in the area of web sites – eshop sites. With a lot of experience in the internet space he can help you take the next step for your business.

You can choose the following:

  • Basic Design
  • Custom Design
  • Basic Seo
  • Development
  • Advanced Seo

With the above you can choose the way in which your eshop will be created as well as how strong Seo you will need for your page, to be in the first place.

We also recommend:

  • Basic Marketing
  • Advanced Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Ads

Digital marketing nowadays has a lot of power . So close to us, we will give special importance to it in order to get the desired results for our online store. First of all, the public’s attendance and secondly the sale.

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