Why does your business need Google My Business in 2022?

Why does your business need Google My Business in 2022?

Why does your business need Google My Business in 2022?

Based on the results of 2021, everything showed that online activity and specifically online stores and eshop had a very large increase both in terms of starting a business on the internet and in sales.

Thus, digital marketing entered every small and medium-sized business as well as a more comprehensive update and knowledge, so to speak, in the part of Internet Marketing. This is how Google My Business enters our lives , a tool that we will explain below what it is, how it works and why an online business ultimately needs it.

What is Google My Business ?

Google My Business or otherwise ( GmB ) is a listing directory, where Google offers it for free for every business. Any business where it has physical headquarters in a certain location, can be registered and given the features it can provide for the business and its interested customers. It is perhaps the most powerful tool for a local business.

Google My Business provide to our business ?

The benefits that this powerful tool provides us are the following:

  • It becomes easy for customers to find the business
  • Show up in local searches
  • Direct communication with your customers
  • Brand Awareness

And many more that we will analyze in more detail below. Remember that it is the tool of your work in the part of finding your customers as well as in the location you have set. Take advantage of it!

Easy to find the business by customers

GMB makes it easier for our interested customers to find us as our business is listed on Google Maps . Also, when a user types in the search bar the name of our company in the results on the right side of his screen, he will get detailed information about our company.

Appear in local searches

When a user does not directly search for the name of our company but for a product or a service similar to our company, in the area where we are located, then it is very likely that he will find our website in the first positions in the search results. So, if your business is listed on Google My Business , you help people interested in your services or products to find you more easily in their search.

Direct communication with your customers

A very important benefit that Google My Business can offer to your business is the part of direct communication with your customers. By entering your details, your interested customers can easily and quickly call you directly or find your business hours as well as other useful information. Therefore, it is very important that interested parties know your contact information.

What is Brand Awareness and what are its benefits

Brand Awareness or otherwise brand awareness is the degree to which interested customers can recognize a brand . That is, as users search for your products or services and do not proceed with a purchase, this automatically makes them remember the brand and in the event of a purchase, be the first choice. This means that our Brand must be special!

Google My Business and webed.gr

As we mentioned above, GMB is one of the most basic tools of an online business. It is very important at this point to emphasize that we must also have the necessary knowledge to use this tool. That’s why we’re here to help you.

Webed.gr has been in the online world for many years as well as from the beginning of the emergence of Digital Marketing in Greece. We know all Marketing techniques and tools as we have been trusted by over 20 companies and businesses such as Plasis Real Estate + Development, Askpharma and others.

So, based on the expertise we provide you, you can have full control over the course of your business and full knowledge of the results of searches made by interested parties for your products or services. We also create your own Marketing Strategy and based on this we bring your business online.

Also on webed.gr you have the possibility to choose the following for your online business:

  • Basic Design
  • Custom Design
  • Basic Seo
  • Development
  • Advanced Seo

With the above you can choose the way in which your online store will be created as well as how strong Seo you will need for your page, to be in the first place.

If you also want to create your own online business with sure results, Design and strong Marketing call us at:

+30 216 070 2930 Artemis 1, Glyfada

Or via email: info@webed.gr

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